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Spring Is Just Around The Corner: 3 of The Top Landscaping Trends in 2021

Sooner than later, spring will be knocking on our doors. After a winter spent cooped up inside, there may be nothing better than sprucing up your outdoor spaces and landscaping. At Mid-America Lawn & Landscape, we are ready to bring new excitement to your property with the latest landscaping trends of 2021.

So, if you are interested in shaking off the woes of winter, this spring is an excellent opportunity to pave a new path for your outdoor spaces with Mid-America Lawn & Landscape.

Sleek & Minimalist Design

Many are focusing on functionality when it comes to landscape designs in 2021. Instead of an explosion of plants, today’s landscape designs are more likely to be simple and refreshing. Modern landscaping cares about finding beauty in simplicity.

Within this minimalist landscaping, we are looking to add function wherever we can fit it. The idea is to find ways to make lawns more friendly to foot traffic and more fitting for Oklahoma’s natural environment. At Mid-America, our team can guide you to the best plan of action for outdoor drainage, building patios and more.

Modern Twist on Classic Hardscaping

Classic hardscaping rules often result in uniform surfaces, basic designs, and a very average overall look. The newest hardscaping, however, puts a spin on simple patterns with geometric designs. This type of hardscaping is often incredibly ornate, with eye-catching lattice and chevron patterns. Our team is ready to figure out the best hardscape look to match your landscaping style and your home.

Along with more ornate patterns, we love some of the new materials available for hardscaping in 2021. You can spice up the look of your property with concrete, natural stone, and other new materials. The limits are only your imagination when it comes to hardscaping new patios and walkways.

Smart Irrigation

Smart technology has been expanding to new areas in recent years. In 2021, it’s the perfect time for you to begin experiencing the benefits of smart irrigation. This trend of hooking smart-home devices up to your irrigation systems is a way to save time, money, and resources to maintain a picture-perfect lawn. Smart irrigation allows property owners to keep their lawn watered and healthy more effectively. Using smartphone or computer technology, you can monitor the amount of water used, schedule watering around weather, and much more.

Incorporate New Trends into Your Landscaping Today

Our company is excited to incorporate these trends into a completely new landscape design this spring. If any of these trends sparked a feeling for you, it is a great time to call us at Mid-American Lawn & Landscape. Schedule a meeting with our team today to plan for 2021.

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