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Retaining wall construction for residential and commercial clients in Tulsa and throughout the metro area.

Professional Retaining Wall Contractor Tulsa, OK

A retaining wall serves as a practical way to hold back the earth and is a beautiful addition to any property. Our team of retaining wall experts can assist in both creating a retaining wall design and building the retaining wall. We’ll be able to create more usable space on your property by leveling slopes or creating raised garden beds, and incorporate block walls to combat erosion and ensure proper drainage.

Block Retaining Wall Builder

Our segmented block walls employ concrete blocks that interlock to create a strong barrier that resists substantial loads. The engineered design makes block walls affordable, yet durable enough to handle any size project, no matter what the soil conditions within the job site. With a variety of styles of retaining wall block available, there is something to appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences. Manufactured block is a great way to create a more functional outdoor space with customizable retaining walls that can last for multiple decades. To enhance the lasting effects of your wall, we strongly encourage routine maintenance of the areas surrounding the wall, including mowing and trimming or maintaining the landscape beds that surround the wall will ensure your retaining wall remains beautiful and functional for years to come.

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