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Providing residents and business property owners with sod installation services in Tulsa and surrounding communities throughout the metro.

Tulsa Sod Installation Experts

Your turf areas take up a large portion of the visual space at your property. Sod provides the quickest solution to having the greenest and thickest lawn on the block. Our Tulsa sod installation professionals have refined the process of any sod project from start to finish to give your new lawn the best chance possible for success. No matter of the size of your project, our sod professionals can take on any size job, big or small. Request a quote or call today to schedule your next sod installation project in Tulsa, OK.

Site Prep Work

Before any sod is laid over the top of your soil’s surface, our crew of sod experts may take any (or all) of the steps below to ensure the area is prepared properly for the new sod to root and be able to thrive in its new home.

Our Sod Installation Process

1. Delivery – Promptly after sod is freshly cut at the sod farm, we pick it up to bring to your property or have the supplier’s semi-truck deliver for larger quantities

2. Sod Laying – Sod rolls are installed properly with staggering and with no gaps between rolls

3. Precision Cuts – Rolls that overlap into the landscaping, lawn objects, walkways, etc. are cut to fit

4. Cleaning Up – Cut sod pieces, debris, soil and sod pallets are cleaned up and hauled away to a proper waste site

5. Watering – Our crew will provide information for watering and caring for your new sod to ensure it will be healthy and lush for years to come.

Sod Installation Tulsa OK

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